Outer order contributes to inner calm.

~Gretchen Rubin

Service Details

We help you manage your stuff, whether you're moving or getting your current home in order.

Flat Rate Services

Move Management - $260

Let us take on the logistics of your move. This includes all the necessary arrangements, like the planning, scheduling and communications with movers, property managers, HOAs, etc. that take place outside of the in-home sessions. We act as your liaison, keeping you informed while communicating your needs.

Floor Plan - $260

The Floor Plan fee includes a scale drawing of 2 rooms with 2 options for furniture placement and 2 opportunities for revision. The drawings will be submitted for your approval via email. You can either provide the measurements to us or schedule a session for us to take measurements in person.

Virtual Organizing - $200

Virtual Organizing includes a 1-hour in-home consultation, dedicated to a specific room or area, followed by a detailed Work-At-Your-Own-Pace Action Plan. The plan is a step-by-step guide with instructions & suggestions specific to you and your organizing goal. You'll also receive a list of recommended products and vendors.

Organizing Maintenance Call - $65

This is a one-hour coaching call available exclusively to existing customers. We love when you're able to take the skills and confidence you gained from working with us and use it to tackle something on your own! If you hit a snag, we're here for you with practical solutions, creative ideas, or simply a pep talk. Schedule a call and we'll talk you through whatever obstacle is impeding your progress. You can even send us images beforehand if it helps to clarify the issue.

hourly Services

Organizing - $65/hour

In-home Organizing is all about working together to create order in your home. We can focus on your problem areas or take a holistic whole-home approach depending on your specific goals.

Methods and results are highly individualized. If you tried to get organized in the past with little success you may need to work with an Organizer who understands that people have different tendencies. That's the key to STAYING ORGANIZED! We determine the best approach based on the information shared during the Consultation and at the beginning of the first session.

This service wouldn't exist if getting and staying organized was easy, so try to think of this as a skill you're working to develop with the help of a professional.

Moving - $65/hour

Pre-move Preparation - If this move marks a new season of life, some things in your current home may no longer serve you.
Downsizing, right-sizing, changing careers, retiring, emptying the nest, or growing your family are major indicators that your lifestyle is about to significantly change. Your home should reflect that change. Together, we sort through your possessions to determine what makes a positive, beneficial contribution to the future you're creating. This relieves you from the physical act of sorting and helps to ease the emotional toll while keeping the project on target. We make it easier for you to recognize and let go of things that no longer fit into your life or home. We can even connect you with professional resellers, disposal services, and local charities to help you remove the excess items from your home.

Packing - Filling a box and taping it shut doesn't take a genius. However, if you want the contents to remain intact and arrive unscathed, having some expertise is helpful.

We professionally pack your belongings for local and long-distance transport. We supply the packing materials and charge a rental fee for the cartons.

Unpacking - The best way to end your move on a positive note is to get settled quickly.
Rather than living out of boxes for days or weeks while you try to get your house in order, START ENJOYING YOUR NEW HOME FROM DAY ONE! We empty the moving boxes and put everything away so you can easily find what you need. We even take away the empty cartons and packing debris!

Post-Move Organization - Sometimes the new home doesn't come together as easily as you planned.
If you're struggling to make sense of a new kitchen configuration, closet layout, or office arrangement, we can help.

Occupied/Furnished Home Staging - Staged homes make better first impressions on buyers.
We use what you already have to find that sweet spot between a house devoid of personality and one that's obviously lived-in. It often means removing personal items, rearranging furniture and generally reducing the amount of stuff in the home. This is a great opportunity to get started on your pre-move preparation.

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