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Kohler Move Management gives you the flexibility to choose how we can best assist you.

Our Services

Move Management

This business was created to assist seniors in transiton and so many others are finding our services helpful as well.


Downsizing is a hot topic these days, but it's more than just a trend. If you have more stuff than space, we can help.

Clean Out

We love working with people, but sometimes it's an unoccupied home that needs attention.

Senior Move Mgmt

Helping seniors in transition is why we're here. Our Senior services are a softer version of our our general move management services.

Stay In Place

This area is under construction.

Break down your move into 3 steps:

1. Pre-Move Preparation

A fundamental early step is sorting through your possessions to decide what to take when you move. We can help you make the best decisions so nothing important is left behind and everything you treasure fits well in your new home to create a beautiful, livable space. Remaining items will be sold, donated, disposed of or gifted to loved ones. We can connect you with our list of trusted re-sellers, movers and other related professionals. Who you hire is your choice. We’ll happily make the arrangements.

2. Relocation

This is all about getting your designated items safely packed and transported. We direct instruct the movers to make sure everything gets done and nothing is left behind. At your new home, we direct the placement of your furniture according to the preapproved floor plan. The boxes are unpacked and the movers take them away along with other packing debris. 

3. Resettle

The final step is putting everything away so that it makes sense for your individual needs and lifestyle. With careful preparation, everything will have a predetermined spot in your new home. At the end of the day, everything will be set up and ready to enjoy.