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I'm Jessica Kohler, organizing enthusiast, cSMM, SRES, owner & founder of Kohler Move Management.

My career in the move management industry began in 2009 when I opened Home Again Move Management, LLC. I earned my certification as a Senior Move Manager (SMM-c) and, later, a designation as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES.) Like many move managers, my business was born after helping my grandmother downsize. It was challenging for Gram, even with me and Dad managing the details and supporting her through the tough decisions. I wanted to help folks who couldn't rely on a caring family member to get them through a difficult transition.

A lot has changed since my early days as a solopreneur. Now I work with a small team of like-minded, passionate women. One thing that remains is the tender moment at the end of each job when the client expresses genuine gratitude for getting them through it. It's beautiful and funny because, at the same time, they really want you out of their house so they can enjoy some peace! I'm grateful to have found a career that is both enjoyable and rewarding.