Simplifying home organization for ambitious professionals seamlessly.

You're rockin' it at work but is your house a complete mess?

Learn to rein in the chaos in a way that is low pressure and easy to maintain so you feel as successful at home as you do in business.

What if you could have it both ways?

Keep working on your career goals and thrive at home too!

Maybe that doesn’t seem possible for you. It’s not like you haven’t tried many times before. 

I'm here to tell you it's 100% doable!

Are you overwhelmed, ashamed, and scared that people will find out your life isn't as "together" as it seems?

Do you want to ditch procrastination and perfection to get this done already?

Let’s get to work! I’ve got your back and I know you can do this!

Introducing Virtual Organizing

Focus on one specific area of your home for one hour on zoom.

Virtual Decluttering Sessions

Make immediate and noticeable improvements while reducing stress and regaining control of your space.

Guided decluttering with an intuitive method that avoids spiral inducing questions and doesn’t require you to make a bigger mess to see progress. 

You will have a visible change with every session. 

I’m Jessica Kohler and I show ambitious women how to take their house from a source of distraction and dread to a resource of peace and reassurance.

I found the simplest, most successful way to help people who look at their messy homes and have no idea what to do or where to begin. Over the years, I’ve helped 1000+ people downsize and organize so their homes are easy to maintain and work for their current lifestyle.

I promise to be gentle!

Schedule a Session
How it works


10-Minute Consultation Call
We’ll discuss your needs to ensure it’s a good fit.


Schedule a Session
Choose 1 hour of uninterrupted time and schedule using the link below.


Get ready to Zoom
Set up your camera and have trash bags and donations box ready.


Enjoy your Accomplishment
One area decluttered and ready to be used effectively.
Questions? Answers

You can begin with a free 10-minute introduction call. This call allows us to say hello and address any initial questions you might have before scheduling a full session.

The Virtual Decluttering Session is a 1-hour Zoom call where we focus on decluttering a specific area of your home. You’ll need a reliable internet connection, a device with a camera, and receptacles for trash and donations.

In this 1-hour Zoom session, we discuss organizing strategies tailored to your needs, focusing primarily on function and secondarily on form. No physical organizing takes place during this session, but you’ll receive professional guidance to set up effective systems.

Yes, if you need further assistance after a session, you can schedule a 10-minute Q&A call for $20 to address any additional questions or concerns.

I’ll provide you with simple strategies and tips to help you maintain an organized space. Our sessions will teach you new ways to think about your possessions, making it easier to keep clutter at bay in the future.

There’s no minimum number of sessions required. You can schedule sessions as needed, whether you prefer regular appointments or just a one-time session to address a specific area.

My method is highly intuitive and designed to avoid common sticking points. I don’t ask you to reflect on your possessions emotionally. Instead, we focus on immediate actions and solutions. If you feel overwhelmed, I’ll guide you gently to keep the process moving forward.

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

How good would it feel to finally get rid of the clutter?

Fit organizing into your crazy schedule

All it takes is ONE HOUR at a time.

Ready for more?

The next step to keeping the clutter under control

Virtual Organizing Strategy Sessions

Professional organizing guidance in a 1 hour zoom call for planning your clutter free home strategy

We discuss tailored organizing strategies to create systems that work for you. This session ensures your home is functional and efficient, with beauty as a bonus.

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