Moving to a new house is an enormous undertaking.

It's more than just transporting your belongings from point A to B. Successful, efficient moves take thoughtful planning, thorough preparation, and skilled execution.

Concierge Move Management

This multifaceted service was developed to simplify the moving process, reduce your stress and soften the transition into your new home. The degree of assistance is 100% up to you. We offer a range of service levels from a half-day of help to complete moving packages.

When you call Kohler Move Management to assist with your move you can select ANY or ALL of the following services:

Sorting & Culling

When preparing for a move, you need to decide what to take and what to leave behind. If you're thorough, you'll make this choice with every object you own. This includes items you don't see every day, like the ones stashed and forgotten in the backs of closets and cupboards. The process of sorting through everything and consciously choosing is physically and emotionally laborious.

Your Moving Specialist handles the physical demand of "sorting" and helps ease the emotional toll while keeping the project on target.

Scheduling, Coordinating & Supervising

Most moves involve multiple vendors and service providers beyond the moving company e.g. painters, handymen, professional cleaners, shredding service, cable & internet providers.

Your Moving Specialist will take care of all the necessary arrangements including making appointments for consultations and quotes, scheduling work and making sure services are rendered to your satisfaction.

Space & Floor Planning

Your lifestyle and priorities are of prime importance when considering how to furnish your new home. Our goal is to help you create a space that perfectly suits you and the way you live.

Your Moving Specialist will visit your new place (local moves only) to measure and become familiar with the layout and storage space. We also measure your existing furnishings. Armed with this information and a little technology, we help you determine the best possible arrangement for your furniture and other personal items.

Selling, Donating & Disposal

You need a plan for the excess items you decide not to take to your new home.

Your Moving Specialist can connect you with professional resellers and arrange for charities or trash service as needed.


Our resettling service is what keeps you from living out of boxes for weeks after you move. This is the service that gets the most gold stars from our clients because it allows you to enjoy your home from day 1.

Your Moving Specialist will make sure everything is unpacked and put away so you can easily find it in your new home. It's most effective when paired with the sorting assistance and space planning services because that is how we get to know what you have and how you use it. We begin as soon as the movers start unloading. At the end of move day your new house will look like home complete with a freshly made bed, a functioning kitchen and electronics connected and ready to use.

Specialty Services

There are 100s of little things that need to be done when you move. Utilities need to be transferred. The post office needs to be notified of your change of address, not to mention your friends, family, doctors, employers, the pool guy and the government. You might need to do a little shopping to get your new home just right. It can get overwhelming.

Your Moving Specialist can take on many of the miscellaneous tasks related to your move. We welcome you to inquire about any need.