When you call Kohler Move Managament to help you Downsize
you can select ANY or ALL of the following services:

Downsizing is a valuable service for anyone moving to a smaller home or living with an excess of stuff.
It's also known as decluttering or right-sizing and helps when you have more possessions than you have space.

Sort & Culling

As the name implies, downsizing is all about reducing the amount of stuff in your home. We help you sort through it, decide what to keep based on your lifestyle and the space available, then purge the rest.

Space & Floor Planning

The beauty of downsizing is bringing forward hidden objects you treasure. It's also an opportunity to reconsider how you use your stuff and your space. We're excited to offer creative solutions to help you keep what's important without having it feel like an infringement.

Selling, Donating & Disposal

You need to have a plan for everything you decide to purge. Valuable items in good condition can be sold. We connect you with professional resellers who either sell your items on consignment or buy them outright. In some cases, we may suggest an estate sale. Charities are a good option for items that may not be high value, but are in good condition. Anything broken or showing a lot of wear will likely need to be thrown out. We arrange for charity and trash service to pick up designated items. Alternatively, you may want to give some things to family and friends. We will arrange for them to be sent if they live out of the area.